October 2

The Building Bridges Summit will feature high-level dialogues and interventions from thought leaders about the future of finance.  It aims to unite the ecosystem around a common vision of accelerating the transition to a global economic model aligned with the needs of the SDGs.

October 3, 4, 5

The Building Bridges Action Days will offer 65+ crowd-sourced events planned by the community in a range of formats that allow for different levels of dialogue and collaboration including panel discussions, workshops, fishbowl conversations, trainings, and case studies.

October 2, 3, 4, 5

The Village is an interactive space for networking and building bridges.  It will be open alongside the Summit and the Action Days.  Guests can learn about cutting-edge finance initiatives, watch launches and pitches, or simply have a coffee with a new contact in this space.

October 3, 4, 5

Building Bridges will host High-Level Plenaries during the 2023 edition to gather all participants around critical global topics.

October 3, 4, 5

Join us in celebrating Seedstars’ 10-year journey of growth and impact at Building Bridges 2023.

October 3, 4

Second workshop under the Sharm el-Sheikh Dialogue on Article 2, paragraph 1(c) of the Paris Agreement.

A ground-breaking event in Geneva.

Building Bridges will feature a high-level Summit, over 70 community-led events, and a networking village.  This international event aims to create synergies, support new initiatives, and make finance a key catalyst for change.

2023 Speakers


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A responsible event approach with
10 commitments


Ensuring the same quality of experience for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ensuring diversity and inclusion in our teams, service providers, and speakers.


Contributing to the local economy by favoring initiatives and providers from the local community.


Ensuring the catering offer integrates low impact ingredients.


Adopting an eco-design approach in the production of the event from the supply processes, production, use and disposal.

Zero Waste

Committing to a zero waste approach by reducing the variety, volume and quantity of products while ensuring total waste diversion.

Plastic Free

Removing all the single used plastic whenever it is applicable.

Public awareness

Engaging our stakeholders by publicly announcing our 10 commitments and supporting our Building Bridges Communities.


Continuously improving our processes by evaluating all actions implemented during our Building Bridges editions.

Impact & Transparency

Reporting on our impacts while calculating and offsetting 100% of the event emissions by supporting environmental projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Who’s attending?

The strength of Building Bridges rests in its diversity. The scale and complexity of transitioning to a sustainable financial system requires the contributions of all sectors of society – the finance industry, companies, start-ups, governments, the UN, NGOs, academic institutions, philanthropists, asset owners, and more. Participating in Building Bridges gives you the opportunity to connect with different actors and develop joint projects.

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