Sandrine Salerno

Executive Director, Sustainable Finance Geneva - (SFG)

Among other activities, Sandrine Salerno assumes since January 2021 the role of Managing Director at Sustainable Finance Geneva. She also sits in different Boards in particular at the Grand Théâtre and at TPG. Previously Mayor of the City of Geneva, Ms. Salerno was a Swiss politician. She joined the executive from 2007 to 2020, where she was in charge namely of finances, sustainable development and International Geneva. While being an Administrative Councilor, Ms. Salerno also dedicated herself to the CAP Prevoyance, as President of the Foundation Council, as well as to the FIPOI, as member of the Foundation Council. In her early career from 1995 to 1997, she was Deputy Chief of the European Third World Center and became afterwards coordinator in the Swiss Immigrants’ Contact Center until 2001. She then worked at the University of Geneva as researcher for 5 years and next at the Geneva’s Department of Education as Deputy of University Affairs. Ms. Salerno holds a degree in Management of Public Administration from the University of Geneva.