A unique ground-breaking event in Geneva.

The second edition of Building Bridges will begin on November 29, 2021 in Geneva with the iconic Building Bridges Summit. This event will launch a week of diverse events that will advance important conversations on sustainable and impact finance. Most importantly, Building Bridges will showcase concrete commitments, initiatives and action that make finance a key catalyst for change.

Who's attending

Building Bridges is open to the entire sustainable development and finance community, in Switzerland and around the globe. Participants will notably, but not exclusively, comprise representatives from:

  • Financial sector including asset owners
  • Governmental autorities and decision makers
  • International development community and institutions
  • Companies in the real economy, including entrepreneurs and start-ups
  • NGOs and the civil society constituencies including youth

Three cross-cutting themes

The 2021 themes represent urgent challenges to advancing sustainable finance, and thus are key levers for unlocking opportunity.

Impact and Transparency

With more sustainable financial products on the market than ever, this theme dives into the evolving frameworks and regulations that classify and standardize financial products and prevent green- or impact- washing. It will also explore issues related to data availability, measurability, comparability and quality. 

Supply Demand Mismatch

This theme will tackle the multitude of factors that currently prevent capital from flowing to where it is needed most, and that block the connection between investors looking for sustainable products and the companies, entrepreneurs and projects looking for capital.  

Fintech for SDGs

This theme will explore the potential of fintech to accelerate sustainable finance by showcasing solutions that support sustainability, including financial technologies that advance certain SDGs, technological tools that improve transparency and impact measurement, and technology itself as a financing instrument.

Monday, November 29th
Maison de la Paix and Campus Biotech, Geneva

The Building Bridges Summit will set a powerful agenda for advancing sustainable finance in Switzerland and around the globe. As the first event of the week, it is a unique opportunity to bring the entire community together to discuss and advance crucial sustainable finance issues.

Tuesday, November 30th – Thursday, December 2nd
Maison de la Paix, Forum Genève, and Impact Hub Geneva

The Building Bridges Week will be made up of 77 crowd-sourced events planned in a range of formats that allow for different levels of dialogue and collaboration including panel sessions, workshops, roundtables, training sessions, pitches, networking events.

Tuesday, November 30th – Thursday, December 2nd
Forum Genève

The Village provides a flexible space for networking, mingling, meeting new people and building bridges.

Various lunches, cocktails and networking events will happen in this space throughout the Week.

A responsible event approach with
10 commitments


Ensure the same quality of experience for all.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ensure diversity and inclusion in the teams and in the choice of service providers as well as in the speakers.


Become a contributor to the local economy by favouring initiatives and providers from the local community.


Ensure the catering offer integrates low impact ingredients.


Adopt an eco-design approach in the production of the event from the supply processes, production, use and disposal.

Zero Waste

Commit to a zero waste approach by reducing the variety, volume and quantity of products while ensuring total waste diversion.

Plastic Free

Remove all the single used plastic whenever it is applicable.

Public awarness

Engage our stakeholders by publicly announce our 10 commitments and support our Building Bridges Communities.


Be part of a continuous improvement process by evaluating and centralising all the actions implemented on each edition.

Impact & Transparency

Report on our impacts while calculating and offsetting 100% of the event emissions by supporting environmental projects in Switzerland and abroad.

Join us and become part of the movement

Building Bridges is open to all who believe in making finance a catalyst for change.

Two options for participating :


Those in Switzerland and neighbouring regions can participate in-person if they have a valid COVID certificate.

Registration is required.


For our worldwide audience, several sessions per day will be live-streamed on our website.

Registration is not required.

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