Iris Menn

Chief Executive Officer - Greenpeace Switzerland

Since July 2018, Iris Menn has been leading Greenpeace Switzerland. This marine biology doctor led campaigns, teams, and expeditions for Greenpeace Germany for twelve years. Ms. Menn significantly contributed to the change in the German retail industry’s purchasing and selling policies for fish and seafood. She also played a crucial role in the development of Greenpeace’s Arctic campaign and its integration into the international organization. Additionally, she was in charge of establishing the Greenpeace office in Senegal.

Furthermore, Ms. Menn is the Director of Christoffel Blind Mission Germany (CBM Germany) where she is responsible for the strategic orientation of programs and humanitarian aid. She also founded and serves on the committee of “Friends of Rural Women and Children” (FORWAC) – a non-governmental organization which aims to improve the lives of people in rural regions of Africa.