Emmanuelle Duez

Serial Entrepreneur - Founder of WoMen’Up and Creator of Startup Company The Boson Project

Emmanuelle Duez is a serial entrepreneur, the founder and president of WoMen’Up and creator of startup company The Boson Project, a consulting firm which harnesses the power of the young. The Boson Project was selected as one of the six most promising companies of 2014 by August and Debouzy’s Start You Up programme and was cited as being among the top 100 startups to invest in by Challenges magazine.

Emmanuelle Duez previously worked in the fields of strategy (SFR), social media marketing (Spring), in politics (Ministry of Finance) and at a management consultancy (Deloitte).

Emmanuelle Duez is also an Ensign in the Citizens Reserve of the Navy, a body of 300 lobbyists charged with defending the interests of the sea and the Navy.

Ms. Duez graduated from the Faculty of Law, Political Sciences in Paris and the ESSEC business school, as well as Bocconi University. She speaks on subjects ranging from entrepreneurism, the youth of today and achieving gender balance in organisations.