ONE CREATION Impact Finance launched its 2023 Environmental Innovation Awards to support young companies that are creating innovative sustainable solutions.

Since 2010, ONE CREATION Impact Finance has been financing private companies in the field of environmental innovation. In 2022, it recognized the need to encourage entrepreneurship at an early stage and decided to launch a contest to reward innovative companies.


Environmental Innovation Awards

Candidate companies are expected to provide concrete and innovative solutions to environmental issues through the following themes:

  • Renewable energy: All energy solutions from non-exhaustible natural sources.
  • Energy Efficiency: All the processes, management systems, tools, products and services that enable a reduction in energy consumption.
  • Sustainable materials: Materials that can be substituted for existing, more polluting materials.
  • Sustainable mobility: Low-polluting means of travel and other services or products that reduce the environmental impact of the transportation of people and goods.
  • Waste management: All products, services and tools that either recycle waste, produce energy from it, reduce the production of waste or treat it in a way that reduces its impact on the environment.
  • Water management: Products, services and tools that enable the efficient and sustainable management of available water resources.
  • Cleantech: Any innovation that has the potential to reduce environmental impacts.
  • Sustainable food and agriculture: All solutions that make it possible to reconcile productivity and limit the impact of the food and agriculture sector on our environment.

After being selected by a jury out of a pool of 15 finalists, the three winning companies will receive a monetary contribution, and get visibility through the community of investors of One Creation. The Awards Ceremony will take place at Building Bridges 2023 in Geneva.