Startup Engagement and Collaborative Philanthropy: Is this a solution to create global impact at scale?

Thursday, October 5, 2023 – Thursday, October 5, 2023
13:30 – 14:30
Centre International de Conférences Genève - Seedstars Villa, Level -1

Engaging startups offers philanthropic institutions a powerful avenue to address global challenges effectively. Startups’ agility and innovation enable rapid development and scaling of inventive solutions. This collaboration taps into fresh perspectives and advanced technologies, disrupting traditional approaches. Can global impact be accelerated through collaborative philanthropy and startup engagement?


Pavan Sukhdev

Founder and Chief Executive Officer - GIST Impact

Pavan Sukhdev is a scientist by education, an international banker by training, and an environmental economist by passion. Years of work in sustainability and the invisible economics of nature led to his appointment to head the United Nations’ “Green Economy Initiative” and to lead the G8+5 study TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). In his book ‘Corporation 2020’, Mr. Sukhdev describes four changes in micro-policy and regulation which can rapidly transform today’s corporation to deliver tomorrow’s green and equitable “economy of permanence”. As founder and CEO of GIST, his sustainability consulting firm, he works with asset managers, C-suite executives and senior government officials on transition techniques, with an emphasis on metrics for sustainability. GIST Impact launched two platforms for Corporate Sustainability at Davos 2020, for large corporations and a simpler version for SME’s in partnership with the International Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Sukhdev is a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Environment Programme, promoting TEEB implementation and Inclusive Green Economy transitions. He has served on the boards of Conservation International (CI), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Stockholm Resilience Centre (SRC), and on the TEEB Advisory Board. He has won several awards for his work including the Blue Planet Prize (2016) and the Tyler Prize (2020).

Sveta Banerjee

Founder & CEO - Impact Investing Solution

Sveta is Founder & CEO at Impact Investing Solutions. Sveta is also a leading expert in impact investing sector worldwide and is supporting family offices and other financial institutions as an advisor to transform their assets to create both, profit and impact. She is TEDx speaker, TV show presenter, guest lecturer at renowned Universities and Ambassador for Impact Investing at Diplomatic World Institute. Sveta supports innovative Entrepreneurs to become investable and get the funds to scale their positive impact and created the first Impact network of Switzerland.

Monica Oudang

Chairperson - GoTo Impact Foundation

Monica Oudang is the Chairperson of GoTo Impact Foundation, an impact catalyst founded by GoTo. In her role, she leads a team on a mission to accelerate progress towards a sustainable civilization by building innovation ecosystems. Prior to taking the reins at GoTo Impact Foundation, Monica was Gojek’s Chief Human Resources Officer and played an instrumental role in growing the company from a hundred employees to its present scale. Monica is also a passionate entrepreneur who has built companies such as Atma, a social job platform startup and People of Manuka, a recruitment and HR consulting company. Before Gojek, Monica worked at Global TV handling Marketing & Communications. In the earlier days of her career, she was a Senior Fund Analyst for Corporate Funds at State Street. Monica holds a MBA from Bentley College, Elkin B. McCallum Graduate School of Business, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Boston University.

Vanmunin Chhieng

Chief Executive Officer - Khmer Enterprise

H.E. Dr. Vanmunin Chhieng is the CEO of Khmer Enterprise, a national platform for promoting the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Cambodia. Before accepting the role as CEO of Khmer Enterprise, Dr. Chhieng started his career in ICT industry includes: UNSW — an Australian University, Data61 — an Australian government’s centre of Research and Excellence, Macquarie Bank — an International investment bank, — a multi-million dollars online business, NBNCo — an Australian National Broadband Network, eBay — an eCommerce retailer, Data Republic — a Security Data Exchange, RGC — Royal Government of Cambodia. Dr. Chhieng holds a PhD in Computer Science and Engineering from UNSW, Australia in 2008.

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