Ecosystems Uprising: Razing Barriers for Sustainable and Inclusive Prosperity

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 – Wednesday, October 4, 2023
11:30 – 12:30
Centre International de Conférences Genève - Seedstars Villa, Level -1

Join us for a discussion on the crossroads of development stakeholders and government actions in fostering sustainable entrepreneurship. Our panelists will share their point of views on projects, policies, and partnerships that shape the startup landscape, sparking the key question: Can these collaborations genuinely drive prosperity in a sustainable and inclusive way?


Sahba Sobhani

Director, Instanbul International Centre for Private Sector in Development, UNDP

Sahba Sobhani brings 19 years of experience in the private sector in Silicon Valley, Singapore and UNDP including as the technical lead for the recently endorsed UNDP private sector strategy.

Sven-Uwe Mueller

Director, Programme for cooperation with the private sector - GIZ, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit

Sven-Uwe Mueller is programme leader for cooperation with the private sector at GIZ, which also includes the lab of tomorrow. As an energy and infrastructure policy specialist Sven-Uwe worked at the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington and as Deputy Country Director of GIZ China in Beijing. Sven-Uwe is interested in entrepreneurship, governance and public-private-sector-cooperation. His goal is to mobilize the knowledge and innovation power of the private sector in order to achieve the SDGs more efficiently. He sees the lab of tomorrow as an ideal tool for this purpose: bringing together multiple stakeholders in open innovation processes to address urgent development challenges with new business models.

Guillaume Taylor

President of the Executive Committee - Fondation Montagu

Guillaume Taylor is the President of the Executive Committee of the Foundation Montagu. Since 2000, Mr. Taylor's activities have been concentrated on responsible investing. He has travelled extensively in emerging markets, focusing on impact investing in many of these regions. In the context of sustainable finance, he was a board member for 10 years of ECLOF International, one of the oldest microfinance institutions in the world. He was also the treasurer of la Fondation Internationale du Banc d’Arguin (FIBA), a major conservation foundation focusing on the West African costal region. Mr. Taylor was also a co-founder of Sustainable Finance Geneva, a member from 2009 to 2016 of the Steering Committee of WWF International’s Campaign for a Living Planet, and was a member for 10 years of the sustainability advisor council of Firmenich. He also was a board member of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) from 2016 to 2020. Currently, Mr. Taylor is Chief Executive Officer of Hanaku AG, a Basel based holding company active in real-estate, medical technology services, regenerative agriculture and the sanitation economy. He presides the investment committee of BACoMaB, a UK based nature conservation trust fund, and sits on its board. Mr. Taylor is also Treasurer of ProValat, a Swiss nature conservation foundation.

Berat Kjamili

President - Kodluyoruz (We Code)

Berat Kjamili is President at Kodluyoruz (We Code). Berat Kjamili is a tech entrepreneur with a strong focus on social impact. Berat is the President, Board of Directors of Kodluyoruz (We Code), which trains over 120,000 students annually to become world-class software developers, with a mission to establish Turkey as a global technology development center. As the Founder of Migport, he has pioneered a platform that connects refugees and locals through online entrepreneurship programs, fostering social and economic integration. Berat's commitment to social entrepreneurship is evident through his work as one of the coordinators of the YSESD Social Entrepreneurship Workshops of Rutgers University. He has also co-founded e-Residence Turkey, where over 10 million foreigners have registered for residence permits, and the EUvsVirus hackathon of the European Commission, the world's largest online hackathon, which brought together over 21,000 participants to find solutions to the pandemic. Berat has a wealth of experience working with leading international NGOs and companies, including YouTube, Facebook, United Nations, DAAD, and KAS, on enhancing entrepreneurship communities. He has received over 10 international prestigious awards and has published over 15 articles on Springer and IFORS. Berat is also a fellow of the Young Transatlantic Innovation Leaders Initiative at the Marshall Fund and US Department of State, where he currently serves as a President of the alumni board. Berat is currently executing several projects, including the GLOBUS Social Entrepreneurship Program with KAS, the Social Entrepreneurship Workshop of Rutgers University with Hollings Center, and the Turcopreneurs Turkish Early Adopters Entrepreneurship Community with the US Department of State. With his extensive experience and passion for tech and social impact, Berat is a true leader in the field of social entrepreneurship and technology.

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