Shattering Illusions: Local VC Funds and the Reality of Emerging Markets

Wednesday, October 4, 2023 – Wednesday, October 4, 2023
14:30 – 15:30
Centre International de Conférences Genève - Seedstars Villa, Level -1

Uncover the stark truth behind local VC funds in emerging markets. Explore the impact of region-specific teams on early-stage investments, scrutinize their effects on entrepreneurial triumphs, and confront the fundraising challenges head-on. Peer into the maneuvers managers use to amplify influence and attract capital, exposing raw ecosystem dynamics.


José García Herz

Managing Partner - Seedstars Winnipeg Edtech Fund

José García Herz is Managing Partner at Seedstars Winnipeg Edtech Fund. With over 15 years of venture capital experience in Latin America, I am a passionate edtech leader and investor who aims to improve the quality of life and education for the people in the region. I have a MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a certificate in corporate governance from the Institute of Directors.

Milan Reinartz

Managing Partner - Orvel Ventures

Milan Reinartz is Managing Partner at Orvel Ventures. Serial entrepreneur and early stage investor with a focus of 0 to 1 growth. Co-founder of, one of the largest and most active angel network in Singapore and a Partner of early stage SEA-focused fund Orvel Ventures

Robin Butler

Partner - Sturgeon Capital

Robin Butler is Partner at Sturgeon Capital. Robin’s background is eclectic, pivoting from a historian-linguist to VC via nine months of living and studying Farsi in Iran. A student of Arabic and Middle Eastern History at university, Robin has lived, worked, and travelled in emerging markets for the past ten years. Having joined as an analyst, Robin has been with Sturgeon for 5 years, spending +50% of his time travelling and building Sturgeon's venture strategy and portfolio across Central & South Asia.

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