Leveraging the financial sector to achieve Decent Work for all

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 From 10:00 to 11:30 (CET) Forum Genève - Akashi
Supply Demand Mismatch

Securing enough resources to address decent work challenges remains an immense task for reaching SDG 8. In this session, we will highlight business opportunities for improving labour and working conditions and discuss how the financial sector can support. We’ll explore how investors can incorporate decent work measurement in their decision-making.

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Sarita Bartlett

Managing Director, Environment, Social, Governance and Impact (ESGI) - Obviam

Sarita is responsible for ensuring that Obviam’s approach to responsible investment reflects international best practice. Previous positions include investment manager ESG-Norfund, head of socially responsible investment-Storebrand and head of sustainability-KMPG-Norway.

Matthias Narr

Head Engagement International - Ethos Fund

Matthias is responsible for the management of the EEP International dialogue program and Ethos’ international engagement activities. He is member of the PRI’s Stewardship Advisory-Committee and Advisory-Group of the Workforce-Disclosure-Initiative.

Katarina Marie

Senior Insurance Consultant

Katarina a (re)insurance professional, joined CelsiusPro and specialized in parametric insurance, agricultural and NatCat lines and microinsurance. She manages the portfolio of climate insurance projects of InsuResilience-Investment-Fund and its TA-Facility

Craig Churchill

Chief of Social Finance Programme - International Labour Organization

Craig has more than two decades of social finance experience in both developed and developing countries. He focuses on the potential of financial services and policies to achieve social objectives.

Christian Brändli

Deputy Head Private Sector Development - SECO

He is experienced in the area of investment climate, access to finance and climate change both from a headquarter and partner country perspective, having been Country-Manager of SECO in Colombia.