ENCORE Tool: Latest Updates and Use Cases in TNFD Reporting

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 From 11:30 to 12:30 (CET) Centre International de Conférences Genève - Room E

ENCORE is a key tool used by businesses and financial institutions to understand their potential impacts and dependencies on nature, and their associated nature-related risks and opportunities. This event will present the latest and upcoming updates to ENCORE and use cases for ENCORE in TNFD reporting.


Alena Cierna

Programme Officer - UNEP-WCMC

Alena Cierna is a Programme Officer at the UN Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC). She leads a portfolio of projects supporting the development and implementation of the TNFD framework. She leads the work of UNEP-WCMC within the Strengthening Understanding and Strategies of Business to Assess and Integrate Nature (SUSTAIN) project, which will update the ENCORE knowledge base.

Romie Goedicke

Co-Head Nature - UNEP FI

Romie Goedicke Co-Heads the nature thematic at the UNEP Finance Initiative. She also leads the work on nature-related risk and disclosure, and manages the work on mainstreaming and capacity building. In this way, she supports the work on alignment of financial flows with the goals of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity framework. Prior to joining UNEP FI  in 2021, Ms. Goedicke led the work of the financial and business engagement sector at IUCN Netherlands. She is an experienced senior program manager, with a demonstrated history in managing programs on nature and finance in Asia and Africa. She is passionate about nature and committed to the role that innovation and collaboration can play in creating shared solutions for nature and finance.

Mariana Martinez del Rio

Programme Officer - UNEP-WCMC

Mariana Martinez del Rio is a Programme Officer at UNEP-WCMC Nature Economy team. She supports the delivery of the ENCORE strategy, and she co-led the latest updates of the ENCORE biodiversity module in coordination with UNEP-FI and Global Canopy. She believes in a world where nature and people can thrive together.

Michal Kulak

Head of Consumer & Health - Robeco

Michal Kulak is Head of Consumer & Health within Robeco's Sustainable Investing Research Team. He is a member of the Biodiversity Committee and leads the development of ROBECO’s proprietary Biodiversity Investment Framework. He also serves as a Coordinating Lead Author in the ongoing IPBES Business and Biodiversity Assessment. Prior to joining in 2019, Mr. Kulak worked for Unilever's Safety and Environmental Assurance Centre where he managed research teams working on measuring environmental impacts of business activities and business exposure to climate change. He was also a part of the sustainable sourcing steering team and a link between the R&D Sustainability team and procurement. Before that, Mr. Kulak worked in the Life Cycle Assessment team of the Swiss federal research station. Agroscope, focusing on sustainability of agriculture and food systems. He started his career as an intern at the United Nations Environmental Program in 2008. Mr. Kulak holds a PhD from ETH Zürich and a Master in Innovation and Design for Sustainability from Cranfield University, UK.

Lisa Petrovic

Project Lead, ENCORE - Global Canopy

Lisa Petrovic has spent 20 years working in sustainable finance and responsible investment. She has worked on the ENCORE project since 2018 and currently leads the initiative for NGO Global Canopy. Ms. Petrovic led the climate change program at UNEP FI and later oversaw the Portfolio Decarbonization Coalition, one of the most successful private sector initiatives at COP 21 in Paris. She has also managed various projects for WWF Canada, specifically looking at the risks posed by investment in the Canadian oil sands.

Liliana de Sá Kirchknopf

Head of Private Sector Development Division - State Secretariat for Economic Affairs

Liliana de Sá Kirchknopf is Head of the Private Sector Development Division in the Economic Development Cooperation Directorate at Swiss State Secretariat of Economic Affairs (SECO), promoting a better business environment, access to finance and strengthened skills for the companies to foster entrepreneurship and innovation. Ms. de Sá Kirchknopf has been working for SECO since 1996 in different positions, including as Senior Advisor at the Swiss Executive Directors Office at the World Bank Group in Washington D.C., as private sector development specialist for the International Finance Corporation IFC and as Head of the Swiss Contribution Office in Budapest. She holds a masters in economics from the University of Berne with a minor in political science.    

Lucretia Landmann

Senior Policy Adviser - Federal Office for the Environment

Lucretia Landmann is a senior policy adviser at FOEN. She is the lead finance negotiator for Switzerland at the CBD, adviser to the Swiss Member of the GEF Council and represents Switzerland on the TNFD Steward Ship Council. Before joining FOEN she worked as a consultant in climate finance and investment analyst in impact finance.