Paris Aligned Finance Flows: Data and Standards

Tuesday, October 3, 2023 From 13:30 to 15:00 (CET) Centre International de Conférences Genève - Room E
Climate & Energy Transparency & Accountability

The Paris Agreement requires financial flows to follow a pathway towards low GHG emissions. To implement this, how can data and standards accelerate the climate transition in the financial sector? Answers will be provided through an immersive role-playing game. Take part and bring your own expertise to the table!


Denis Pittet

President - Geneva Financial Center

Denis Pittet is the President of the Geneva Financial Center since December 2022. Denis Pittet has been a Managing Partner of the Lombard Odier Group since 2017. A qualified lawyer, he holds a Master's Degree in Law and a Master's Degree in Economics from the University of Geneva. He has spent his entire career with the Lombard Odier Group, joining in 1993 as lawyer. In 1999 he was named Head of the Group’s Legal, Tax & Wealth Planning Unit. In 2015, he joined the Private Client Unit, with particular oversight of the External Wealth Manager Relationships and Global Assets+ Department and the Wealth Planning Department. Mr. Pittet is also Chairman of Fondation Philanthropia and a member of the committee of the Association of Swiss Private Banks.

Gabriela Blatter

Principal Policy Advisor for International Environment Finance - Swiss Federal Office for the Environment

Gabriela Blatter is the Principal Policy Advisor for International Environment Finance at the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, and the Head of the International Environment Finance Unit at the FOEN in Switzerland. She is the Swiss lead negotiator for climate finance in the UN Climate Process and works on international and domestic financial incentive structures for the transition to a low-emission and climate resilient development future. Before joining the Swiss Government, Ms. Blatter worked at the Asian Development Bank in the development and financing of urban environmental infrastructure in South East Asia.

Stephan Kellenberger

Deputy Head of Sustainable Finance - WWF Switzerland

Stephan Kellenberger is deputy head of sustainable finance at WWF Switzerland where he is leading the work on national regulation and policy. He previously served as a Swiss diplomat and was involved in international climate negotiations. He has a background in politics and economics and has taken advanced training in sustainable finance.

Oliver Marchand

Global Head of Climate Research - MSCI Inc.

Oliver Marchand is Global Head of Climate Research at MSCI Inc., a worldwide provider of support tools and services for investment needs. Dr. Marchand finished his PhD in Computer Science from ETH Zürich in 2003. In 2005, he took a role as Head of IT at Fisch Asset Management (FAM). His small team managed to build the entire portfolio management system for FAM, and his decade-long stay provided many valuable lessons for building a company, like negotiation skills, IT security skills and transparency. After leaving FAM, Dr. Marchand joined forces to found Carbon Delta, a financial technology B2B service evaluating the ecological footprint and possible environmental impacts of companies. In October 2019, Carbon Delta was acquired by MSCI Inc., hoping his work at MSCI may continue to have a transforming power in the sustainability of the financial industry.

Quentin Piat

Head of Sustainability - LEM International SA

Quentin has a successful 10-years track record in Internal Audit and Risk Management; he advised numerous companies from various industries while working in Business Consulting at EY and later on internally at LEM. Caring about nature and passionate about sustainable topics, he actively participates to the SDG Young Innovator Program from the UNGC and led internal initiatives on ESG at LEM. He was recently appointed as Head of Sustainability, to support LEM to reach its ambitious Net Zero targets.

Jann Ewerhart

Group Sustainability Programme Lead - Banque Pictet & Cie SA

Jann Ewerhart is the Group Sustainability Programme Lead at Pictet, responsible for driving the Pictet Group’s strategic Responsible Vision Programme. He has led key initiatives such as the establishment of Energy Transition Convictions and setting SBTi approved science-based targets.  

Olivia Kinghorst

Moderator, Presenter and Journalist - Olivia Kinghorst

Olivia Kinghorst is moderator, presenter and journalist with a decade of international experience in the media industry. She was most recently a senior editor at Forbes DA and multimedia journalist and anchor for CNN Money Switzerland, an English-speaking channel covering business, tech, finance, lifestyle. During this time, she hosted live evening programs, reported on major events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos and filmed and produced packages as a one-woman-band with both camera and phone. Her coverage included the luxury and watch sector, hospitality, aviation, blockchain and the coronavirus crisis. Ms. Kinghorst was formerly the weekend editor and newsroom producer at Business Insider Australia, and completed internships at CNN Business in New York, Seven Network, Sky News in Sydney and the German-Australian Chamber of Commerce. Ms. Kinghorst completed her Masters in Journalism at Columbia University in New York.

August Benz

Head of Private Banking and Deputy CEO - Swiss Bankers Association

Since July 2017, August Benz has been Head of Private Banking and Asset Management at the SBA and, since December 2017, he is Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the office. He is responsible for all matters relating to Private Banking, Asset Management, Europe, digitalisation and sustainable finance. Since April 2022, he is President of the Swiss Financial Sector Cyber Security Centre (FS-CSC). He has also been on the Board of the Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS) since September 2020. Dr. Benz started his time at UBS in 1999 and held various management positions. He was head of UBS Asset Management’s global strategy department. He was responsible for leading and restructuring Europe’s largest fund platform and for leading the B2B distribution in Switzerland. He built up UBS Asset Management’s global distribution management function and was Head Client Servicing, with global responsibility for establishing and implementing client servicing standards. Dr. Benz has a proven track record in the finance industry and is well acquainted with the various aspects of financial market regulation. He has a PhD in political science from St. Gallen University and a Master of Science from Edinburgh University.

Hans-Ruedi Mosberger

Head of Asset Management and Sustainable Finance - Swiss Bankers Association

Hans-Ruedi Mosberger started his professional career as a pension actuary and investment consultant with The Wyatt Company and Frank Russell in Switzerland and the US. In 1999, he joined UBS and held various management positions at UBS Asset Management. He is a certified Swiss pension actuary and is well-acquainted with the aspects of financial market regulation and Sustainable Finance. He is a member of the Swiss negotiating delegation at the Climate Change Conference COP and on the advisory board for the Federal Council's Sustainable Development Strategy. Mosberger has been Head Asset Management and Sustainable Finance of SBA since November 2017.

Adrian Schatzmann

CEO - Asset Management Association Switzerland (AMAS)

Adrian Schatzmann is the CEO of Asset Management Association Switzerland since January 2021. Additionally, he founded in 2016 Clear Minds Investment AG, a financial advisor company, and assumes today the role of Managing Partner. He also sits since 2016 on the Board of Directors as Managing Director at Straub-Egloff Immobilien AG. From 2017 to 2020, Adrian assumed two other roles, one at DIventures Management GmbH as Member of the Investment Committee and the other at SwissBanking as Strategic Advisor. Prior to this, Adrian spent 6 years at SBC Brinson and 15 years within UBS Wealth Management.