The CCIG defends the interest of its 2,500 members. When it comes to sustainability, we see a multitude of opinions, sometimes contradictory. We need to embrace this diversity and bridge economy and sustainability. For this reason, the CCIG has been working to provide a framework for companies to exchange their experience in terms of sustainability as well as a possibility to acquire knowledge in terms of sustainable management.

More than 10 years ago, the CCIG, the state of Geneva and the HEG Geneva (Geneva’s university of applied sciences) partnered to promote sustainable management and encourage companies to share their experiences. This was the beginning of the Sustainable Management Meetings (RMD in French), the very first edition of which took place at the CCIG on November 18, 2011. Since then, with four editions per year, the RMD have proven to be a success, with over 1,000 participants from local companies.

Over the years, we have seen that implementing the principles of sustainable development makes it possible to revitalise the management of companies to gain in coherence and in overall performance. Corporate social and environmental responsibility has taken on increasing importance, and more and more companies in Geneva are integrating sustainable development into their strategy.

Providing a framework for leaders and CSR professionals to exchange their experience is key. But it is equally important to allow them to acquire the necessary tools and methods for them to carry it in their companies. This is why, the CCIG is also supporting the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) in Sustainable Management of the HEG Geneva. This one-year, part-time cursus (equivalent to 30 credits ECTS) allows the participants to acquire expertise and professional-oriented tools to establish a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach in their companies or to help other companies implement one. At the end of the cursus, students will receive five internationally recognised certifications. Today, the DAS in sustainable management is a well-recognised cursus. The board must regularly open a waiting list due to the high demand.

In conclusion, companies are working under the double constraints of economic performance and sustainable business. On the long term, the two are aligned. Some of our members understood it a long time ago and are already well engaged in the path toward sustainable business. In fact, they have more to teach us than the other way around. However, in the short term, it can be worrying for many entrepreneurs who sometimes do not know how to start. The CCIG believes that the majority of companies are willing to do something if we provide them with suitable solutions. This is why the CCIG will continue to develop new tools able to bridge those two needs. The historical challenge humanity is facing today cannot be overcome without companies or against them.


Guest contribution by CCIG.