REYL / Asteria Investment Managers

Launched in 2019 with the support of the REYL Group, Asteria is an asset manager fully dedicated to impact investing.

Together with its investors, Asteria uses capital as an agent of change to support the transition to a more sustainable and equitable economy.

Recently, Asteria announced a strategic partnership with Obviam, a Swiss impact investor.

To preserve long-term performance, finance must include climate issues within its risk management framework. Climate considerations also offer very attractive growth prospects thanks to an economy that is transforming towards sustainability and innovation. Supporting you in this transition, to select positive impact investments, is the core business of Asteria.

Katia Coudray

CEO – Asteria Investment Managers

Pasha Pakhtiar

Partner – REYL Group

Arnaud d’Anterroches

Head of Business Development, Managing Director – Asteria Investment Managers