Gerrit Sindermann

Deputy Executive Director - Green Digital Finance Alliance

Proven leader in banking, FinTech, and tech sectors with a passion for climate and environment-focused solutions. His entrepreneurial journey has taught him adaptability, resilience, and the importance of people. Through his experiences, he has solidified a commitment to impactful societal work, particularly in climate and environmental sectors.

At the Green Digital Finance Alliance, he champions the Every Action Counts coalition, partnering with global digital platforms committed to activating 1 billion people towards green action.

He delves into areas like digital finance, sustainable finance, climate change, ESG, sustainability data, waste, carbon credits, green bonds, and more. Collaborating across sectors including financial services, e-commerce, software, international organizations, philanthropies, and non-profits.

As an advisor, he offers insights into fundraising, business strategies, sales, negotiations, and mediation. He’s especially adept at mediating founder disputes and handling stakeholder relations.