From Systemic failure to Systems rebirth – Reinforcing and Leveraging the existing Geneva / Swiss Bridge to the World for larger commercial and social impact

Tuesday, November 30, 2021 – Tuesday, November 30, 2021
12:00 – 13:45

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Location: Geneva Centre for Security Policy, Maison de la paix, Chemin Eugene-Rigot 2D, 1202 Geneva

An event as part of the Building Bridges Week in Geneva

After our sector (Bretton Woods, DFIs, Foundations, impact Investment) has spent conservatively USDLRS 3 trillion in Development since the 2015 launch of the SDGs. UNCTAD most recent report in March noted that we are now 20% below where we started.

Can integrated Systems thinking (Big Data; Finance; Planning; Innovation) that has already revolutionized every other sector of the Economy and Politics now be applied to Development to reverse this trend and to frame a win win path to all societies stakeholder’s in solving the SDGs and the existential threat of Climate.

Supported by GCSP we are creating a new Entity called Equity4Humanity on the back of integrating USDLRS 65 million of already built capability. A collaboration promising higher economic and social returns and with social mission hardwired  – a team of global experts / organisations including new CERN technology, a new global legal structure created by former Government Regulators (Charity and Finance), a Financial structure invented by the creator of the first blended structure and the SIB /DIB;  and a systems planning process estimated by  World Bank research to potentially take out 45% of the costs out of the SDGs.


  • Nicholas Niggli – Deputy Secretary of State Geneva; High level Board Adviser of Building Bridges
  • Arthur Wood – Founding Partner Equity4Humanilty & Total Impact Capital



  • Lionel Bodin – European Lead Accenture Development Partners  
  • Ed Vermeulen* – Co-Founder Equity 4 Humanity and Former executive in the Logistics and Telecoms sectors