Unigestion SA

Unigestion is an independent, specialist asset manager providing innovative, tailored solutions for investors worldwide. Our conviction is that intelligent risk-taking is key to delivering consistent returns over time. Today, we are responsible for over $19.4bn in assets under management across our four areas of expertise – private equity, equities and multi-asset & wealth management.

Asset managers represent a crucial link between investors and the financing needs of the real economy. Collectively we have the power to force change among private and public companies: in that sense we all have to be activists now. Future generations will judge us on our ability to succeed.

Fiona Frick

Group CEO – Unigestion SA

Sara Razmpa

Director, Unigestion SA

Eric Cockshutt

Head of RFP and Responsible Investment Coordinator – Unigestion SA

Joana Castro

Head of Primary Investment – Unigestion SA