Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)

FDFA promotes the values and interests of Switzerland around the world including humanitarian aid, cooperation, peace and Human Rights, innovation, science and environment. Switzerland is Host State of over IOs and believes that a rules-based world order is best able to address climate change, pandemics, and tensions. Switzerland is a strong supporter of the SDGs.

Switzerland, and in particular Geneva, is home to a strong financial sector and to a vibrant ecosystem of multilateral organizations. Connecting both is part of our contribution to a better, more sustainable future.

Alexandra Baumann

Ambassador – Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

It is important to bring together international organizations and the financial sector in Geneva, because they both deal with sustainability. International organizations have important data and exciting projects, and the financial sector is looking for sound investment opportunities.

Jürg Lauber

Ambassador – Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN in Geneva

The SDG Summit 2023 shows that we are lacking behind when it comes to implementing the 2030 Agenda. A strong impulse coming from the financial sector is more important than ever.

Markus Reubi

Delegate of the Federal Council for the Agenda 2030 – Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA)