Symbiotics is the leading market access platform for impact investing, dedicated to private markets in emerging and frontier economies. The group offers investment, asset management and capacity building services. Since 2005, we have originated over 7,300 investments representing more than USD 9.2 billion for 570 companies in 95 countries. We manage an aggregate portfolio of USD 2.9 billion spread across 23 funds and mandates. Our portfolio companies have also benefited from over 145 technical assistance projects worth more than USD 18 million.


Emerging economies.​ We seek to deploy capital to where it normally doesn’t flow, reaching out to small businesses and low-income households through investments.​

​Responsible investments.​ We integrate environmental, social and governance risks into our investment decisions. We also review any adverse impact that our activities might have on our target markets.​

​Sustainable objectives.​ We measure the positive contributions of our activities by assigning sustainable objectives and key impact indicators to each investment.​

Through our innovative financial solutions, Symbiotics has empowered underserved communities and enabled inclusive growth, fostering economic resilience and sustainability. Together, we are shaping a brighter future where finance becomes a force for positive change.

Roland Dominicé

CEO & Co-Founder, Symbiotics

Samy Derradji

Head of Corporate Communication – Symbiotics