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Create value through ESG. More and more stakeholders now demand transparency and sustainable actions and are interested in information that goes beyond a company’s financial report. They expect companies to take responsibility by identifying the ecological and social impact of their business models, and steering it through sustainable development.

In order to reach Net Zero, institutions need to transform themselves and break new ground. Structural changes usually need to take place for organisations to be transformed towards greater sustainability. However, thanks to emerging best practices and approaches, increasingly clear guidance already exists.

Jean-Sébastien Lassonde

Partner, Swiss Leader Asset & Wealth Management, PwC

Christophe Bourgoin

Partner, Investor Reporting and ESG Leader, PwC

Antonios Koumbarakis Panelist,

Sustainability & Strategic Regulatory Leader, PwC

Marc Lehmann Panelist,

Operational Excellence & ESG Transformation Leader, PwC