Pictet Group

A leading European independent investment firm, Pictet offers more than 200 years of global investment management experience in wealth management, asset management and related services.

Our purpose is to build responsible partnerships with our clients, colleagues and the companies in which we invest, in order to safeguard and transmit wealth, of all kinds, in the service of the real economy. At the core of everything we do are five guiding principles of partnership, entrepreneurial spirit, long-term thinking, independence and responsibility.

Given the challenges we now face, we must all work together to accelerate the transition to a more resilient and sustainable economy. As investors, we must embrace new models that are based on solid science and innovative partnerships and contribute towards the systemic shift away from the exclusive objective of maximising financial return

As an investment-led service company, our fiduciary duty has always been to manage the long-term savings of our clients. Focusing on this long-term objective allows us to achieve the dual goal of performing for our clients, while deploying their capital towards a more resilient and responsible economy.

Laurent Ramsey

Managing Partner – Pictet Group